Established in 2012 by Ben Lenihan, Arcane Technology Solutions procured its first opportunity through the University of Limerick, where the primary objective has been to provide SharePoint based solutions for the University's business processes. Our strong relationship with the University continues to this day and we have also forged lasting relationships with several other clients during this time.


In a perfect world, we would be able to agree on a complete set of requirements prior to implementation. However, we are acutely aware that this is the exception rather than the rule and requirements are liable to change as a project progresses. With this in mind, we will always try to adapt to new requirements, whilst making our best effort in avoiding any additional costs to the client.


Communicating proficiently is critical in achieving a successful and efficiently executed project. We understand that our clients often require regular progress updates so that they can plan around the delivery of a system. We pride ourselves on the quality of our communication along with an excellent response time, both inside and outside of normal working hours.


By many people, technology is treated as something of a Black Box, whereby the inner workings of a system are an unknown quantity. Due to this, a strong element of trust is required between those undertaking a project.
Some things will be easier than one might think, whereas others may be more complicated. Whatever the case may be, we will explain any aspect of a system in a level of detail that you're comfortable with and we promise to be open and honest in our estimations so that all involved are treated fairly.




Director - Ben Lenihan

Ben Lenihan

Developer - Attila Szorger

Attila Szorger